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All information and statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are provided for educational purposes only. They do not replace medical advices. Consult your doctor before taking any nutritional supplement or using any health equipment -

About the Founder of Altic Health Prevention:

The founder of Altic Health Prevention is neither a medical doctor nor a licensed practitioner. He is a scientist with a PhD degree in chemistry. By creating the company he just wanted to share his own painful experience and research of over 40 years on dealing with degenerative diseases. Please read his testimony below.

Founder Testimony

I just entered my last year of teenagehood when for the first time I started facing symptoms of what would appear very later to be acidosis, the breeding ground for most degenerative chronic diseases. It began with bloating and indigestion. Over months and years I experienced more other symptoms and some induced degenerative chronic diseases: gingivitis, frequent infections which included fungus on the toenails, dry skin and hair, chronic fatigue, burning sensation of the tongue and mouth, acidic sweat, periodontitis, hypertension and arthritis.

Our Medical Journey

You can hardly imagine how many doctor offices I have visited and how many medical tests I have taken through my healing quest. Most of the times medical diagnosis was saying "nothing wrong", while in fact the symptoms were there. That situation was so frustrating!

As medical doctors did never find the primary cause -which was acidosis- of those numerous symptoms and chronic diseases I was suffering from, most of the medicines I was been prescribed were ineffective. Only a few of them brought some relief for some symptoms, just during the time I was taking them. The symptoms were resuming however a few time after the treatment was stopped.

Our Education

While coping with the burden of those symptoms and degenerative chronic diseases, I nevertheless went through college education and earned a PhD degree in chemistry. Scientist's methodology and objectivity helped me a lot in my experience and research on how to prevent and fight acidosis and related degenerative chronic diseases.

Our Conclusions

The conclusions I made are explained through this website. They helped me fight and beat over time acidosis and other degenerative diseases I have been suffering from. I hope those conclusions will help you too, in the case you also suffer from acidosis and any related degenerative chronic disease. Here below are my conclusions:

  1. Before being a medical concern, our general health and physical fitness are first of all attained and sustained through an individual commitment to keep balances in nutrition, physical activities and in physical and mental environment. Therefore, if we want to live a vibrant health and longer, "health prevention" should be the central focus of our lifestyle: we should be committed to a healthy balanced lifestyle.
  2. Acidosis autotoxication is the leading cause of most degenerative chronic diseases, including premature aging. Healthy lifestyle helps to self prevent and self fight both acidosis and related chronic diseases. Acidosis is the health situation where our body shows an acid-alkaline imbalance with a pH being too acidic.