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Nutrition-Lifestyle & Diseases

Nutrition-Lifestyle & Diseases

Balanced Nutrition Supports Prevention & Treatment of Chronic Diseases


Countless scientific studies show that, before anything else, our body can self prevent and self fight chronic diseases, also known as degenerative diseases, with a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle should include balanced physical and mental environments, balanced physical activities and a balanced nutrition. At Altic Health Prevention, we particularly emphasize on nutrition and health.

Acidosis: Leading Cause of Most Chronic Diseases

With age the body ability to synthesize enzymes necessary to help run our physiology and metabolism the best way decreases. This situation, combined with our modern acidic diet and our unbalanced lifestyle, gradually turns our body over-acidic.

Acidosis or body over-acidity impairs our physiology, our metabolism and our immune system as well, and brings over time, as a result, most chronic diseases, such as heart failure, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, Candida infections, acid reflux, premature aging, arthritis, cancer.

Balanced Nutrition Includes Alkaline Diet & Nutritional Supplements

A proper alkaline diet balanced with nutritional supplements is not only the safest, but also the most inexpensive way to helping our body prevent and fight efficiently chronic diseases either by using its defense systems (this includes the immune system) alone, or with the aid of the medical prescriptions.

Alkaline Diet: What it is?

Click the following link to see an extended list of the top best alkaline foods.

Acidosis is mainly a result of today acidic diet. The foods we eat are divided into two groups: alkaline-forming foods (fruits, vegetables), and acid-producing foods (cereals, sugars, animal products). Details can be found in the Chart of Acidic and Alkaline Foods. Processed foods are generally acid-producing foods.

Keeping or restoring our body pH balance begins with an alkaline diet. This diet appears to be the proper nutrition for the human body design. With an alkaline diet our daily dietary intake of food can help balance our body pH and avoid acidosis.

Alkaline diet should consist of:
• at least 80% of alkaline-producing foods
• no more than 20% of acid-forming foods
• alkaline water

Our modern diet is unfortunately very far from that recommendation! Therefore, we should daily complete and balance our food intake with nutritional supplements selected in relation with our usual diet and our health condition.

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Benefits of Active Systemic Enzymes!
This is a very beneficial supplements for naturally preventing and healing of many chronic diseases. Here are several health reasons why Active Systemic Enzymes should be present as nutrition supplement while managing any degenerative disease:

  1. Anti-oxidant: It helps avoid and cure cancer.
  2. Anti blood clots: Possesses fibrinolytic enzyme nattokinase which digests fibrin that holds blood platelets together into clots. Supports cardio-vascular system health. Indicated in hypertension.
  3. Anti-bacteria - Anti-infection: may destroy bacteria by digesting their cellular membranes. Boosts immune system. Good for systemic Yeast infection!
  4. Anti-inflammatory: Helps in reducing inflammation. Decreases swelling after surgery and supports healing of internal and external wounds. Reduces arthritis.
  5. Body detoxifier: Cleans the blood of its debris (fat wastes, undigested foods, cholesterol, toxins).
  6. Anti-aging: A result of all the other health benefits stated previously. Maintains the body healthier and younger.